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National Birmingham Roller Association

The Constitution

The following will be elected at the AGM:
President every Three Years
Chairperson every Two Years
Secretary/Treasurer Annually

The chairperson shall be responsible for the smooth running of the AGM. The chairperson shall have NO vote, but retains a casting vote to decide votes without a clear majority.
There will be three National Championship competitions held each year. This will normally commence the last week of September each year. To determine, using the current best standards available, the National Championship Kit for Old, Yearling and Young birds from within the affiliated clubs. To nominate the best individual Old and Young bird champion.
All Bona fide Roller Clubs affiliated to the NBRA will be eligible. Each club shall be allowed to nominate their entrant BUT clubs are respectfully advised that NORMALLY the club winner will be the automatic nominee. Any club wishing to be affiliated to the NBRA shall be scrutinised and vetted by a representative of the association who will draw up rules guaranteeing that only Bona fide clubs and no single individuals are affiliated.

The NBRA definition of a bona fide club is as follows:
The club will agree to abide by the NBRA Constitution
Hold 3 flying competitions a year
Hold an annual general meeting of which the minutes must be sent to the secretary before the National Championship take place (names and addresses of qualifiers only, NOT full memberships)
The fly validation sheets must be completed and returned to the NBRA secretary by the last Sunday in August
The results of these competitions will be sent to NBRA secretary and then forwarded on to the NBRA website
At least 5 members of the club must be flying in the club competition for the Old Bird, Young Bird, and 3 For Yearling,
Demonstrate that the club is of a nature and standard suitable for entry into the association and the national competition
Initially, and if necessary, subsequently, the club will be vetted and supported in a report submitted by a committee member to the NBRA. AGM
All secretary’s must attend the NBRA. AGM or a send a member to represent the club failing to do so will result in the club been fined £35 to be paid before the national championships take place
None compliance to any of the above will result in an instant disqualification into the National Championships and be referred to the disciplinary committee

Each club shall be responsible for the expenses of the National Judge. All clubs must pay cash a cash deposit to the NBRA on entering the competition and the remainder promptly upon receipt of a bill from the NBRA secretary. The NBRA allocate a judges fee of £300.00 plus expenses to allow the National Flies to be judged over a one week period. A time keeper/score may accompany the judge on the fly and if the judge wishes to do so they may share the judge’s fee.
The NBRA will be responsible for the presentation of a trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the competition for old, young and yearling kits. Additionally a trophy will be presented for the champion young /old bird and yearling individual performer. If they are a joint scores, then trophies will be awarded to both flyers. The judge, at his discretion may award runners up trophies in exceptional circumstances. The cost of engraving, insuring and replacing the main trophy is the responsibility of the NBRA.

The secretary of the NBRA is responsible for supplying proposal forms for clubs to nominate persons who they consider capable and willing of judging a National Fly. It is also possible that an overseas judge may be approached to judge the National Fly. The winners of the previous year’s fly along with any nominations for an international judge, which will not be used to compile a list and the judge will be selected from that list once this list has been approved at the next AGM. The judge will NOT be a current competitor.
The secretary of the NBRA will normally be the administrative secretary for the competition. In the event the NBRA secretary is indisposed, he/she will in the first instance pass the responsibility on to any member of the committee. Should no member of the committee accept the task, the secretary may nominate any person he/she feels capable of administering the competition, to do so.
The responsibilities of the administrative secretary are as follows:-

  • Circulating clubs with rules
  • Circulating application forms
  • Publishing results
  • Issuing certificates
  • Engraving the main trophies
  • Contact all ring manufactures to make sure they are sending out the right colour ring
  • Keep the records of all results
  • Selecting Judges in accordance with the constitution
  • Will contact the flyers that have been entered into the national championship to for a structured fly schedule
  • Bring to the attention of the disciplinary committee any breach of the constitution or competition rules
  • Adjudicating disputes concerned with the competition
  • Ensuring only eligible clubs compete
  • Ensuring the rules are obeyed
  • Invoicing clubs for judges fees
  • Keeping accounts on behalf of the NBRA
  • Presenting a report of the competition and financial state at each AGM
  • Ensuring judges fees are paid properly
  • Receiving complaints about the conduct of the competition and convene a disciplinary or extra-ordinary meeting as appropriate
  • Organising the Annual General Meeting (May)
  • Furnishing club secretaries with proposal forms for election of officers and names of possible judges for the National Championships by the 1st October each year
  • Notifying clubs of results, time and date of AGM
  • Organising the presentation of the main trophies at the AGM

The competition MUST be completed before the last day in December. All NOMINEES MUST be received by the NBRA secretary along with the completed validation sheets by the last Sunday in august each year. Any proposals to be considered by the AGM must be formally submitted to the secretary on the form provided two month before the meeting. (The secretary will supply forms to all clubs by the 31st October, and return complete list of proposals for the club perusal by the 31st March)
All disputes should be forwarded to the secretary who will convene a disciplinary committee to decide action.
The constitution can only be changed by 60% MAJORITY VOTE of Secretaries/Chairmen/Nominee (one representative per club) of all NBRA affiliated clubs present by the AGM. Proposals for the changes in the constitution must be received by the secretary no later than the 31st March.


The quorum for all meeting  should consist of a minimum of 5 associated club secretaries or association officers. The appointed chair of the meeting having no vote, but a casting vote in the event of a tied vote. The decisions of the meeting should be decided on a straight majority vote. The association secretary will normally be responsible for calling and convening extra meeting, however otherwise meeting can only be called by any of the elected officers of the association i.e. President, Chair, or Treasurer, and with 2 other associated club secretaries. The secretary will normally convene these meetings after a dispute or irregularity has been notified.Note Meetings, other than the AGM can be convened by physical or electronic means (telephone, skype, conference calls etcetera).Extra-ordinary meetings:can be called for the purpose of urgent decision making which cannot wait for the next AGM.  For example:

  • Settling associated club disputes;
  • appointing a replacement officer of the association;
  • An urgent need to negotiate temporary flying rule or constitutional changes.
  • Appointing a replacement judge.
  • Allocating funds for extra-ordinary circumstances.
  • All decisions made by extra-ordinary meetings must be ratified by the next AGM if it is proposed for them to become permanent changes.


The committee shall consist of association club secretaries or association officers who have no vested interest in the subject for discussion. 

The meeting may be called for any disciplinary reason, however for example:

  • A club suspected of cheating e.g. rings issued before 1st January, or whatever date is set by the association.
  • A member of a club reported to the association for breach of rules.
  • A club, or member of a club bringing the hobby into disrepute.
  • Sanctions may be imposed on individuals or associated clubs according to the decision of the committee.
  • However for guidance only these may be, for example:
  • Suspension for a set time period (1 year, 5 years etc) from entry into the National Competitions
  • A monetary fine applied either to the club or individual.
  • Blacklisted named individual circulated to all associated club for a specified time period.

Flying rules may be made by SIMPLE MAJORITY VOTE of secretaries/Chairmen/Nominee (one representative per club) of all NBRA affiliated clubs present at the AGM. Proposals for changes in Flying Rules must bei received by the secretary no later than the 31st March. Temporary changes may be made in between AGM’s by an extra-ordinary meeting if considered urgent.
It is the responsibility of the NBRA Secretary to publish any changes in constitution or flying rules at the earliest convenience, preferably in the current pigeon journal of the day, or by letter to all concerned organisations.
The Hall of Fame is recognition of any persons who have contributed to the developing roller interest and helped establish it to the standard as it stands today. CRITERIA FOR THIS IS:-  They will have had to have been an active flying roller fancier for at least 10 years. Card vote to be used when inducting individuals into the NBRA Hall of Fame.
The NBRA secretary to instruct ALL ring manufacturers to send rings to clubs affiliated to the NBRA direct to club secretaries by recorded delivery, but not to arrive before December 10th each year.
NO RINGS can be issued to the club members until January 1st each year. If rings are being posted to members than they cannot be posted before the 1st January each year.
All rings must be R size closed plastic or closed aluminium/closed aluminium plastic coated NO other rings can be used all clubs MUST inform the NBRA SECRETARY WERE THEY WILL BE PURCHASING THEIR RINGS
If clubs DO NOT abide by this rule, clubs WILL NOT be eligible to fly in the National Yearling or Young Bird Flies, and the matter will be brought before the disciplinary committee.
All affiliated clubs will be issued with the same coloured rings. The ring manufacturers work on a 6 year colour cycle.  The secretary will contact the ring manufacturers to furnish them with an up to date members list.
Only clubs that pays into the NBRA/AERC reward fund be entitled to use it, subject to a prosecution and the birds being returned.
That 5 KITS must be flown in club competition for 1 KIT to go forward in the National Championships Young and Old .Then it will be 12 KITS for 2 to go forward to the National Championship and then 10 thereafter
E.G: 5=1, 12=2, 22=3, 32=4 etc, etc
Clubs must have at least 3 minimum fly entries in local club competitions to put one yearling kit forward to  National Championships .Then for 8 entries it will be 2 kits to go forward and and 10 thereafter
E.G: 3=1, 8=2, 18=3, 28=4 etc, etc
Competitors are only allowed to fly a maximum of 2 kits per age group  and no more                
Any competitor who has qualified with 2 kits and is duplicating birds will be allowed to have a minimum 24 hour gap  if requested
If a member is flying multiple kits in the final they will be allowed the opportunity to fly them in any order but only on the day. Example [if flying old birds in morning and young birds at night on the same day kits can be swapped over]