HOMENBRA AGM Minutes 2023

Dear member

These are the minutes from the AGM held on the 7th May 2023

Meeting opened 10 a.m. Members present 18

Item 1 Minutes Of Last Meeting 1st May 2022

Were presented as a true account

Proposed Colin Bailey, Seconded Dave Moseley

Item 2 Matters Arising From Last Meeting


Item 3 Election Of Officers

Secretary John Hall For One More Year

Proposed G Wilkinson, Seconded S Turton

As the chairman Dean Forster had resigned (letter read out to meeting) president Mac Houston volunteered to take over as chairman

Chairperson Mac Houston is the new chairman for 2 years

Proposed P Mackenzie, Seconded D Vincent

President Phil McKenzie

Phill Mackenzie was put forward to take the now vacant president’s job. Phill said it would be a priviledge and agreed

Proposed D Moseley, seconded S. Turton

17 For 0 Against

Phill Mackenzie is now the new president for the next 3 year

Item 4 Treasurers Report

John Hall informed the meeting that the association was in good financial state with £1943.83 in the bank all accounts and up to date bank statements were there for any member to view

Proposed P Mackenzie, Seconded C Bailey

Item 5 Secretary’s Report

John Hall informed the meeting that the NBRA had ran well over the last year with no problems

Proposed C Bailey, Seconded G Wilkinson

Item 6 Judges Report

The 2022 judge Kevin Bowden was not at the meeting but had informed the secretary everything had gone well with no problems and also a fly report had been published

Item 7 Proposals

1.Proposed By COSRC

That the National secretary John Hall is inducted in to the National Hall of fame due to the Lenth of time he has held the position of National secretary and the work he continues to do within the roller hobby

Seconded D. Vincent

18 for 0 against

John Hall will now be inducted in to the National Hall of fame

2.Proposed By COSRC

All affiliated clubs must send all results to Graham Dexter as soon as fly season is over so Graham can update the NBRA site

After a lengthy discussion john hall informed the meeting that he could only give Graham the results off the validation sheets he receives any other fly results or updates should be made by the secretary in person to Graham

Seconded C Bailey

18 for 0 against

All secretary’s to now keep Graham informed of other fly results update him with secretary/chairman etc. And clubs contact information

It was decided this would be reviewed in 12 months’ time at next AGM

John Hall asked the meeting if they were happy with the NBRA website and were in favor of Graham Dexter continuing to run it for us. All secretary’s said they were happy with the work Graham was doing for the NBRA

3.Proposed By CDRC

Propose that future National AGMs be moved further north. You can count on one hand the members that turn up from the south/midlands. We believe these members from the south/midlands would still turn up if the meeting was moved and more from the north would attend if the venue wasn’t 3 hours’ drive away

Seconded S Overfield

4 for 5 against

The NBRA will not be moving their AGM headquarters

4.Proposed By LRC

We would like to propose in the NBRA fly’s that a trophy can be awarded for highest quality points in the whole 3 fly’s to be awarded every year

Seconded S Turton

12 for 1 against

The NBRA will now have a quality trophy to fly for every year

5.Proposed By LRC Withdrawn

We would like to propose that the NBRA fly for a averages trophy every year also the trophies can be paid for out the auction money raised

Election of judge

The room was asked if anyone was wanting to judge the 2023 fly

Keith Story was the only volunteer

Keith Story will judge the 2023 fly

Any other business

Resignation letters were read out from the London roller club and the South Birmingham roller club

Clubs applying for affiliation

West Yorkshire Invitation Roller Club

The club met all criteria and all paper work was in order

Proposed S Turton

Seconded C Bailey

9 for 2 against

West Yorkshire invitation roller club are now affiliated to the NBRA and will be on probation for 12 months

Meeting closed 10 48 am

All trophies presented

Note from the secretary:

Can I just remind all club secretaries that all validation sheets must be filled in the day of your fly and signed by the judge and his marker and phone number put on top of sheet and sent back to me with the minuets of your last AGM by the last weekend in August. Also can all club secretary’s get in touch with Graham Dexter with scores and updates so he can update the NBRA website thanks.

John Hall