By Colin Bailey

Day One
Setting off for London Deano and I arrived at Aurel Stan’s at 11.30 where Aurel had made us a lovely breakfast which was much appreciated.
Aurel flew his yearling kit for the AERC but it was too windy and birds were just ducking and diving no breaks score 38
Next, we set off for Birmingham to Jay Ellahis. When we arrived, we were starving, but jay and his lovely lady had put a feast of food on for us and we can’t thank you enough
Jay flew his young birds for the SBRC and again wind spoilt kit no breaks 36 points
We drove over to Leicester where we booked in to our hotel for the night ready to start at Darren Deacon’s in the morning.
Day two
Darren’s old birds first for the AERC on a breezy day. birds following through on a few of the breaks quiet for Darren’s birds 20 in breaks 80 points
Off to derby next for Wayne Hitchcock’s old birds for the LRC the kit was blown down the road but were scoring steadily a bit lose at times 33 in breaks 78 points
Nottingham next for Pip Abrahams young birds for the AERC
Birds didn’t want to know today 14 points
Back to Darren’s for two kits back to back first up young birds for the LRC birds went off in the distance for a while but on returning just turning in wind 40 points
Next Darren’s yearling kit for the MRPC got blown away a bit and looked quite active in the distance but quiet on return picked a very good chequer out of this kit which went on to win best yearling in fly
Day three
Back to Darren’s to judge his old birds for the MRPC the kit split in two 7 went up and 13 stayed low putting on a cracking show for us some lovely side on breaks but they landed early which was a shame DQ 
Derby again for Wayne’s old birds again this time for MRPC a much better day for the birds missing at times but flew very well nice kit scoring 99 points
Pip Abrahams young next for the MRPC the birds were all rolling individually no breaks but some sharp pigeons picked a nice self-mealy out 47 points
Back to Darren’s again this time yearling for the AERC a better day and a better show really enjoyed them and picked out some nice birds 95 points
Just like to say a thank you to Darren for the nice breakfast
A long drive home now to get ready for Bradford in morning
Day four
First up Mark McCrory with his yearlings for the BDFRC birds went a bit quiet at times but some nice sharp rollers in the kit scoring 86 points
Johnathan Broadbent with his old bird team for BDFRC were very quiet today in the breeze scoring only 49 points
Off to Khan’s next flying yearlings for the WRRC this kit never settled scoring only 27 points
Off to Barnsley with Kevin Renwick flying first with his old birds for the AERC this kit never set up to break just not interested score 25
Glyn Kirby flying young for YPRS didn’t have any luck birds were quiet and then had a sparrow hawk attack score 19
Day five
Back to Bradford again Mark flying his young birds first for the WRRC this kit looked a good team of birds and performed well in heavy rain scoring 73 points
A Khan next flying young birds this time for BDFRC the heavens had now opened and this kit was spoilt by the heavy rain 14 points
Back to Mark’s for his old birds flying for WRRC these birds didn’t want to know in the heavy rain with two landing so mark scratched the kit
Back to Barnsley to Kev Renwick’s flying young birds for AERC the kit just flew around individual birds rolling not trying one bird landing early score 36
Alan Patton flying yearlings for SCRC next, the kit flew very well in the rain but just didn’t want to work score 20 points
Glyn Kirby again with his young birds this time flying for the AERC the kit flew better than yesterday but still quiet score 40 points
Day six
Up to Durham this morning for Shaun Overfield flying old birds for the AERC the kit flew very high at times we seen some good individuals and picked a good v tail out which went on to win best old bird score 87
Phil Mackenzie next with his young birds for the CDRC kit flew perfect but all individual’s. Some good quality, picked one out to win best young bird in competition 54 points
Stew Turton next flying for the TWRC with his young bird team the kit flew high at times a very good deep mix tail in team some good quality deep birds score 60
Over to Gateshead now for Alan Milnes young for the MHIRC Alan’s birds were a bit on the quiet side today but still seen some good quality young birds score 71
John Hall last to fly today flying old birds for the TWRC John left them a few minutes then just as they pulled close together he put them on clock just in time to see best break of competition birds. They flew a lovely pattern with good quality to be seen as well as a lovely mixed tail I would have taken home with me. A well deserved winner score 103
Day seven
Back to Gateshead to Alan Milnes to judge his old birds for the AERC Alan put his kit up in a strong breeze they put two good breaks in before they were on the clock but after that were just turning in the wind score 69
Ross Young next with his old birds for the MHIRC the kit handled the strong breeze very well but just flew and flew no breaks disappointing, score 35
Phil Mackenzie flying yearlings next in strong wind for the CDRC birds got blown away and had a full 20 minutes off the clock, then three came back, then another one came back so Phil just scratched the kit. Most of the kit was still missing when we left.
Day eight
Last day finishing at Middlesbrough first to fly Graham Siviter flying young birds for CCRC birds were put out in a very strong wind and were instantly blown away spending a lot of time off the clock. On returning they used a lot of the sky, picked some good individuals out of this kit score 76
Dean Foster flying old birds for CCRC next the kit drifted out a bit in the wind when returning were setting up but wouldn’t break
score 86
Lee White next with his yearling team for MDRC up and away they went in a strong wind they came back after ten minutes or so some very good individual’s in the team a good silver I picked out really enjoyed this kit score 90
Peter Robinson next for the CCRC flying young birds the wind spoilt this kit birds very hard to see they looked sharp in the distance when we did see them score 53
Drive over to Stockton now for Kenny Bakers old bird team for SPRC the birds handled the wind great but were very quiet.Well done Kenny score 35
Back to Middlesbrough Dave Siviter flying old birds for MDRC this kit handled the wind well but just flew through the breaks score 71
Sean Lincoln next with young birds for MDRC again the wind spoilt the kit seen some good individual’s score 58
Last to fly was Keith Story flying young birds for the AERC. Some bad luck here birds were handling the wind great then a heavy downpour-soaked birds and they all landed DQ
I would just like to finish saying how much I enjoyed judging the national fly and I would encourage someone who is thinking of doing it to definitely have a go
I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who looked after us around the fly especially Aurel Stan, Darren Deacon and last but not least Jay and his good lady for the amazing food. Thank you, Deano and I really appreciated it all. And a big thank you goes to John Hall for doing a great job and making everything run so smoothly
Thank you
yours in sport,
Colin Bailey