National Birmingham Roller Association

Secretary: John Hall

Prestident: Mac Houston

Chairperson: Phil McKenzie

Web Manager Graham Dexter

J Hall

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Mac Houston



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2023 Flying Rules AGM Agenda

Congratulations to the

All England Roller Club winners 2023


Chris Thirkill 174

S Raybould 114

W Hichcock 198


Dean Forster 168

D Middleton 108

G Joining 126


Wayne Cock 159

Chris Murphy 93

Brian Orr 117

Aggregate Rosebowl
Wayne Hitchcock
G. Joplin

Merit Winners each with 80 points

W Hichcock, B O'Callaghan, D Forster, C Thirkle

Full list of champions from 1969-2023

Full Results for 2023

Congratulations to the winners and placed

in the National Championship 2023


Old Bird 


Young Birds


G Siviter

W Alp

J Rogers


C Thirkill

C Murphy

J Rogers


D Deacon

D Challenor

C Bailey

Best Individuals

C. Thirkle
COSRC 557 2021
D Challenor
Black Bald MRPC 709 2022
J Rogers
NERC 135 2023

For full results and the judges report click links below

Full list of champions from 1982-2023

Judge's Report awaited