National Birmingham Roller Association

Secretary : John Hall
President: Rajenda Das

Chairperson: Deano Forster

Website Manager

Graham Dexter



Raj Deano



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National Results, All England Results, and club results canl be updated when they are sent to me at this email address below: (preferrably in a word file table)

Congratulations to the

All England Roller Club winners 2019

Young Bird kit Old Bird Kit Yearling Kit Aggregate Rosebowl
Peter Foster Harry Heard Stuart Turton Darren Deacon Joe Macklin

Full list of champions from 1969-2019

Congratulations to the National winners 2019


Old Bird Young Bird team Yearling team Yearling Individual
Darren Deacon
Kevin Renwick
Mark McCrory
Charlie Grout

Full result of National Championship 2019

Full list of champions from 1982-2019

Full Fly Report from James Brunton